Barbara Duran

Cirelli - Hernando Ibáñez

White Duran Project | Exhibition | Rome 2021

Appearing through invisible

In all its sacredness, the frame-designed dance by Barbara Duran also stands out (fig. 8). In the single immortalised moments, the shape is blurred, without a predefined ego, powerful at the same time in its divine being a mere presence. “Appearing through the invisible” says the title, alluding both to the indefiniteness of the place and to the unknown and fleeting shadow. The image is suspended in a lightness detached from the material, like an ectoplasmic appearance. It is a succession of fragments that seems to dispel the ghosts of fears and give rise to a breath of happiness: an interior rhythm, of body and soul, with which the sounds of silence can be appreciated and connections that can only be grasped in a profoundly cathartic synesthesia can be seen.

Simona Cirelli – M. A. Hernando Ibáñez