Barbara Duran

Dimora del Tempo - 2009 - Poetry

A Poem to Barbara Duran

Amber swept away
by rivers of lava
the seed is born
in the obscure womb
and the Valkyrie
intones her song.

The hand glows
slender and branded
giving to the present
the ample gift
of a solemn embrace
and bitter so often.

Turgid and tenuous
the shadow wanders
and flows
in amorous dances
eternally restless
blurring time,
reborn exiled body
light and vain.

From the earth
the clear darkness,
from the grain
the heavy growing
arduous and filled
with hope. A gift
being without deferring
fate and voluptuous sigh.

Delicate zephyr
melts springs away.
You have gathered
spheres and brightened
souls absorbed
in their secrets.

You are the tower
facing mine
between the two
we build a wake
diaphanous and
a bridge of pearls
that fade at sunset.

You are
the gleam of dawn.

Patrizia de Rachewiltz