Barbara Duran

  • Memory

    In this contemporary time (where everything is repeated, without respite from the past, from which nothing is learned) gazes leave us astonished. The gaze of a little girl that seeks what she has lost, appears only for an instant, sudden and brief – a flash – that erupts in the apparently normal every day. Only the memory and the awareness of a personal garden of wonder will allows to survive the void which can never be filled.

  • White Duran Project

    White is a multitude of events, stories, intimate, collective, political, biographical tales, which express a circular world, which repeats the same stories, the same mistakes, the same horrors, the same revenge, life itself, in the uniqueness of each individual.

  • Time

    A diachronic rupture in time happens, that is juxtaposed to the acedia of our gaze as women and men of the XII century, such that, what could seem to us defined and circumscribed in the history of art manuals, finally appears similar and familiar. Nevertheless, the conceptual operation does not have the coldness of the research done with scalpels in history and in the tragedy of history: Each face, as an icon of the splendor of a single gaze, speaks to us and interrogates us, asking us to open our heart to a totally secular and civil pietas.


Latest Exhibitions


Nagasawa Hall - Ex Cartiera Latina | Rome 2021

Acclaimed by the critic, this monumental exhibition with 180 art works, mainly new, presents Duran’s artistic production from 2016 to 2021. 

The entire project, consisting of four cycles, is building a bridge between past and present, in the light of time circularity. The common thread is the concept of memory and secular sacredness, in its formal becoming to ancient and modern iconography.

Alongside to memory, strong is the feeling of pain, which arises from a reflection on the violence and abuse of authoritarian regimes erasing every form of human dignity. In this context, the female figure is reconfigured in her salvific role, as author of our collective salvation. She is the one who welcomes and generates, defending and protecting herself and the others.

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