Barbara Duran

White - Preview in Paris

White is linked to an idea of secular sacredness that strongly refers in its formal development to ancient iconography that already told our history and the images of a contemporaneity that is repeated over time: the same problems, the same looks that leave their marks on the skin of the world. The exhibition is built around four large works in oil on canvas, a video, and a series of icons on wood and paper. 
In the “White” cycle, the large canvases are the result of a very close relationship of space / time between the classical, Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary image in an éclat, an explosion that produces light, so strong that it is made of every color, Here the female figure appears in the interpretation of Barbara Duran: the great mother / stepmother, Eva / Lilith, and then the Deposition: the Christological image that collects too many and dramatic contemporary Depositions, thus Artemis / Artemisia in the encounter between those who in different moments of historical time, have suffered a violence and defend their dignity with strength, the indomitable spirit attributed to women who have within them the archetype of Artemis. There is no transcendence in the looks of Piero della Francesca’s Madonnas, but innocence and malice, and the deposed Christ turns to our eyes every day.

Studio Urbana



Galerie Metanoia – Paris 2016  | Studio Urbana – Rome  2016

Installation 2016