Barbara Duran


White arrives in Rome, 2021

A journey begun in 2016, with a preview in Paris. Four great canvasses in dialogue with the first facies, the small tablets with the icon-worlds that Barbara Duran has met along the way. All is surrounded, as in a revealing fog, by a video: a diaphanous figure dances on the seashore.

A Mediterranean journey
With the memory of the past to prevent the drifting apart of the future. With poetry as the only weapon to contrast the narcotic oblivion of the time we are living in. In an empathetic perspective the gaze isn’t focused on the ground but directed at the eyes of the other. The loving gaze is like the arrow launched toward the outside of the pupil to construct the image in ancient optics.

The ship has been built, the voyage resumes.
White crosses the Tyrrhenian Sea and lands in 2018 in the castle of Santa Severa, where it meets infinite layers and syncretic ancestral beliefs and where archaic apparitions of chthonic deities appear. They embrace, save, protect. But also denounce the suffering and disharmony in which existence is bound and interrogate us on our indifference.

The ship is now solid, the crew experienced; and the next landing in the islands of the Aegean Sea takes us back to the place we departed, where we have built our idea of the world. The sun now enters the ship, and the chthonic deities return to their originary state of sea and earth, and the painting is invaded by color.

Now the ship is filled with light and a hundred faces met in the journey. It has stopped in Rome, ready to depart again.

Studio Urbana

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white duran project art catalog 2021

168 pages
Size cm 26×23
Studio Urbana Editore d’Arte
€ 35

Installation 2021

White Duran Project
Installation 2021

Watch the video of the installation at Ex Cartiera Latina, in Rome.

WHITE DURAN PROJECT - ROME 2021 was carried out under the patronage of:

About White

Ignazio Venafro Ignazio Venafro

This exhibition induces a miracle, a sacred memory runs through it, a genetic mind gathering phantoms; in its ceremonious quality it waves an endless fairy tale, soaring on winged tempests, lightly grazing mythographic iconologies linked to the cults dedicated to the numerous feminine divinities.

Francesca Campli Francesca Campli

The body in movement is rendered in an exceptional way in Appearing through invisible, six papers engraved with silver point, in which the cold and decisive signs give back the rhythm of curves and gestures, between shadows and light gaps.

Renato MIracco Renato MIracco

The Artist-Shaman is the one who turns an image into an idol, by transporting it from the ‘territory of the uncontrollable’ to the ‘territory of certainty’. The world-icons contained in Duran’s works are proof of that.

Silvia Lazzarino Silvia Lazzarino

With her works on wood, canvas, rice paper and video, where color takes on an important evocative and symbolic role, Duran leads us through a journey to meet women in all their fragility and courage, grace and beauty, loss and decision, emphasizing the salvific role of the female figure, the one who embraces and generates, protects and defends.

Benedetta D'Ettorre Benedetta D'Ettorre

Duran’s color at times becomes dense, full-bodied but, at the next glance, it acquires absolute lightness. Here is where the color takes on total ambiguity: at a certain time, that powerful yellow, that blood red, the impenetrable blue and the subtle blue become water, sky or perhaps earth.

Studio Urbana Studio Urbana

In the "White" cycle the large canvases are the result of a very close relationship of space/time between classical, renaissance, baroque and contemporary images in an 'eclat', an explosion that produces light, so strong as to make every color white.

Daniela di Monaco Daniela di Monaco

The common thread in Barbara Duran's works is communication and sharing with the viewer. It is an inner spiritual experience that comes from reality, while conveying emotions through images.