Barbara Duran

Monadi. Paesaggi della Memoria

Each portion of the matter can be represented as a garden full of plants or as a pond full of fish. But each branch of a plant, each limb of an animal is itself a similar garden, a similar pond.


Monad: Center of activity and together principle of diversification. True restricted reality therefore “spiritual mimimum” namely the unseparable unity, the element of all things, thus spritual substance as simple component of the world. Each monad is different from the other, as there are not in nature two beings perfectly alike. Each monad forms a point of view on the world and is therefore the whole world, from a determined point of view. The totality of the monads is the Universe.

Theory of the Indiscernible


Monadi. Paesaggi della Memoria

Presented by Maria Teresa Benedetti  | Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi di Sarro  | Rome 2001

Barbara Duran elaborates in small slips of paper the natural element with grace and obsession, together with a cultural awareness of ancient Italian ancestry. Giotto like hills or assumed fourteen century polyptych, they are strained by a conscience restlessly modernized, in the search of a beloved nature, wounded, dreamed of, with an eye as the center of light, through fragments endowed with their own independent life. Yet cadenced by a series of references and echoes, ready to compose themselves in a cosmic image. (…)

Let us look at them, these forms defined by bent horizons, surrounded by a light which expands in skies humored by the softness of profiles suddenly grown darker. Lands that don’t speak of joy, but are encased in a bare essentiality and in some way an aching. No exuberance in a nature sensed as drained entity, perhaps a stage for far away storms, now calm again, yet inhabited by a grume, inevitably tormented, and a fatal concurrence of cosmic events.
On the big canvases which conclude the artist’s work, a dazzling luminous body, ectoplasmatic, surrounded by shadow, as if still shielded in the obscure womb of which dreams are made of.

Maria Teresa Benedetti

Installation 2001

Paesaggi della Memoria | Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Di Sarro | Rome 2001