Barbara Duran


“Living cinema is like making a cinema of your own life (…)
yet cinema is not life … But in certain moments it can replace
it. Like a photo, like a memory.

Jean Luc Godard

White - 2018

“If I can’t dance it’s not my revolution!
If I can’t dance, I don’t want your revolution!
If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.
A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having.
If there won’t be dancing at the revolution, I’m not coming.”

Emma Goldman

White - About the film

White has been filmed on the island – and here it where its
full evocative power firstly appeared. The film sequence is inspired by
Emma Goldman’s beautiful photograms, and is strongly connected to the
short film “La Danza”, part of the Arianna/Aracne project where image
composition and iconographic structure aim to subtend a fragmented
space. The moving image recalls a broken line, cut and evanescent in
tearing itself into a binomial of the feminine myth, salvific and light,
weightless, part of the air it crosses to exorcise the contradictions
that mark the earth, leaving traces. Dance and appear, disappear,
tracing signs, like an epiphany: an Artemis archetype that “challenges
the known order “(Antigone) 

Barbara Duran

In all its sacredness, the frame-designed dance by Barbara Duran also
stands out. In the single immortalised moments, the shape is blurred,
without a predefined ego, powerful at the same time in itsdivine being a
me represence. “Appearing through the invisible” says the title,
alluding both to the indefiniteness of the piace and to the unknown and
fleeting shadow. The image is suspended in a lightness detached from the
material world, like an ectoplasmic appearance. lt is a succession of
fragments that seems to dispel the ghosts of fears and give rise to a
breath of happiness: an interior rhythm, of body and soul, with which
the sounds of silence can be appreciated and connections that can only
be grasped in a profoundly cathartic synesthesia can be seen.

Simona Cirelli – Maria Azahara Hernando Ibáñez

Directed & produced: Barbara Duran
Photography: Corrado de Grazia
Music: H.M.
Synchronisation/mixage: Edward Nadalin
© DURAN 2018

Meduses - 2013

Dédié à ma mére


Meduses - About the film

Dédié à ma mére

I have my head
at the bottom of the sea.
My eyes
on a hill
And I look at everything without thinking.

Barbara Duran

Duration: 10′
Directed & Produced: Barbara Duran
Music: Pierre Trucart
Synchronisation/mixage:  Edward Nadalin
© DURAN 2013

Non mi lasciare - 2009

Dedicated to all those who have been, are and will be with me in this life.

Non mi lasciare - About the film

Who am I speaking to when I softly turn to myself with my mind? Who answers to  my questions and who listens to my thought trying, perhaps, to catch their most secret or less explicit sense?
“Non mi Lasciare” (Dont’ Leave Me) is a filmic language which gives us a serene and, at the same time, ambiguous answer, to this false problem and it could only be ambiguous. The freedom to consider any moment as a discipline of observation, togheter with the perception of casual minor facts, perceived in their simplicity, and which are wished for as a way of penetrating a circle express their hope of changement of destiny and the awareness that no disturbance will ever change the essence of a man in a world where mass culture has levelled and banalized the lives of individuals. The research through the language of images, which is the only possible devoted to value, tries to choose and propose again in an accomplished context what life itself has lost owing to superinposition. Aresearch, a choice, a confirmation to which Barbara Duran has forced herself, with sorrow and nostalgia, in a labyrinth with no beginning and no end. She proposes a net of wakes when we can go into and out, with the presumption that we ourselves are the images that are all around us, without which we could fall into the limb of our insubstantiality.
Therefore Barbara Duran registers the essence of the things of life, things which are seized in the sign of her time and of her recollections, realizing, without the anthitesis of the superstructure, in an exhausting attempt to catch, to consider and to propose again to us, astonished users, who are surprised within our joys and sorrows. While past times weigh on our present times, sure structure which prevents us from still dividing all that in the shadow of recollection our mind has fused.

Rolando Culluccini

Super 8 & Digital
Duration: 46 min
Directed, Produced & Edited: Barbara Duran

Original music: H.M.
Sound editor: Edward Nadalin
Post production: Fotocinema
© DURAN 2009

La Danza - 2008

Arianna Aracne | East The Labyrinth West

The labyrinth
was the space
for the dance.
When it became
to hide under our own secrets
and we felt shame
and fear,
it became the place
where it is easy
to get lost…

La Danza - About this film

White is the impending sheet swaying in the wind – theatrical backdrop – in “The Dance”, a short but intense film accompanying Duran’s opera Ariadne and Arachne: an omen? The little girl dancing, the primitiveness of the almost propitiatory gesture. The enchantment of childhood and the disillusionment of maturity; chaos and order. A poignant film in which Ariadne’s thread has clotted into a scar that wounds the expectations of the unaware child. Duran, however, does not profess Saramago’s ultimate pessimism. To emotions anesthetization and reactivity she offers her point of view, a path that is a tribute to the strength of pain and to the courage of living. So that the (collective) memory and the (individual) remembrance may be food for the present and the future.

Anna Gioioso

This short film was born together with a painting installation that was on display in a traveling group exhibition in Europe, on the theme of Myth. I therefore chose to address the combination of the myth of Ariadne and Arachne.
The labyrinth was born as a space of dance and becomes a place where secrets and horrors are hidden, and where we are inexorably lost. The short film, shot in super 8, wants to represent a moment of suspension, the only possibility, saving, through the innocence and strength of the look of childhood

Barbara Duran

Duration: 9 ‘
Directed & Produced: Barbara Duran
Music: Pierre Trucart
Editing: Corrado de Grazia
Online editing: Edward Nadalin
Post production: Fotocinema
© DURAN 2008

Vuelo en reflejo - 2007

As in a limbo
of too many images
moving shadows i
n the return,
of continuous perceptions.
The head full
To forget,
small encumbering things.
White light
long sighs
Once again, different
I place myself
in front of my days.
Different, wanderer
at your side.

Barbara Duran

Vuelo en reflejo - About this film

Vuelo en reflejo was born on the occasion of two professional trips to Latin America, across Paraguay and Argentina. It is a gaze flow, as my gaze itself could not fail, but to capture the moment.
The choice of projecting Super 8 at a rate of 4 frames per second, thus creating a series of snapshots united in movement, is an attempt to represent this mental flow.

Fundamental is the poetic and emotional impact with the human condition, in its transience that marks the passage of time in life.

Metaphor of this condition is the “disorientation” in which every place is a non-place and all places are places. A 53-minute version was screened in the gallery on the occasion of my last solo exhibition “DI RIFLESSO” displaying my paintings conceived in the same locations where the film was shot.

Barbara Duran

Super 8
Duration: 21′
Directed & Produced: Barbara Duran
Editing: Corrado De Grazia
Online editing: Edward Nadalin
Post Production: Fotocinema
© DURAN 2007