Barbara Duran

Di Riflesso

According to Aristotle, the soul is the body’s substance. Defined as final and former act (eutalachia) of a body, whose power is life. Our soul rests in the body, similarly to act of vision resting in our visual organ: it’s the fulfilment of an organic body capabilities.

As act and activity the soul is FORM and SUBSTANCE, in one of these three determinations: form, matter or the composite of both.  Thus the image/icon repeating an act, a non act. One resulting from the other, as stills/form of life in relation to the infinite.

Barbara Duran


Di Riflesso

Presented by Domenico Guzzi and with a dedicated writing by Ruggero Savinio | Studio Urbana | Rome 2007.

The ship moves away along horizontal paths, on the canal. From the pier a man follows it with his eyes. The lighthouse cuts the sky vertically. The paths cross each other; space is crucified, coasts, sandy shores, cloud-filled skies, fjords: a North of the mind.

At time, the bodies climbing along narrow banks, one body paired with the other. The orthogonal space doubles in its reflection, guides the painter into the world of mirroring. In reflection, Barbara writes as title. And she invites me to reflect. I follow the temporal persuasion, I abound in space. Or rather, space coagulate into certain ancient images retained by the mind.

We, vertical, on the Castle of Sermoneta’s terraces, in an uncertain past of our youth. Alex in front of the horizontal wall of the Lepini mountains. His friendship and the cheerful profusion of his gifts. I revisited them in the paintings preserved by Barbara, his daughter. To find in Barbara’s paintings an echo of those ones, means perhaps that time can shrink into space, at times, gather in a double image, fill the temporal void, and re-knot itself into reflection.

Ruggero Savinio

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Installation 2007

Studio Urbana | Rome, Italy | February/March 2007