Barbara Duran

Dimora del Tempo

Dimora del Tempo - 2009

The non-place, decked by thirst
to the ray devotes its duration.
Here I can see you.

Paul Celan – “Homestead of Time”

One thought characterizes the driving force of my whole work: homage to the power of sufferance and to courage of life. The physical pain, the pain of loss, of separation. The pain of those who have dignity, strength and are therefore annihilated.

Dimora del Tempo

Duran’s alphabet, even if her first figurative works are remarkable, (and I own a few) is born from the abstractionism, with the identification of emotional pathways and the principles of reality’s perception, reaching the definition of a language based on the expressive and symbolic function of colour and on the rhythm produced by mutual relations of pure forms. Can a pictorial form also have a value of appearance? Definitely so in our case.   (…)

The figure, as we see in today’s exhibited works, illustrative of a long journey, emerges, floats, sinks into a perpetual becoming.  (…)

If the dream, word to mark the boundary of a timeless place in the painting, is lived as a place of an operating and crucial subjectivity, then for Barbara, drawing, painting, writing the dream or securing and crystallizing the sign, is at the same time an exercise of awareness and of imaginative appeal which becomes pure flowing in the short yet intensely packed film which accompanies the exhibition.

Art Curator e Director of the Italian Cultural Institute,  New York


Dimora del Tempo

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Installations 2009

Studio Urbana | Avatars Gallery | Polo Museale Civico Diocesano | Rome, 2009.